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Strong, Durable Roofing Keeps You And Your Family Safe From The Weather Outside.

Front of a home with a combination of vinyl siding, cedar shingle siding, and brick exterior and a new asphalt shingle roof.

We Do Roofing Right.

Strong, durable roofing keeps you and your family safe from the weather outside. Pitch Perfect Roofing offers honest and dependable roofing installation services in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro and the surrounding areas.

  • Competitive Pricing. Our affordable services and honest quotes ensure you get the best value—without any surprises.
  • Quick Scheduling. We get your project going right away. We know your time and needs are valuable.
  • Experienced Team. Our licensed and insured team will handle your project with care from start to finish.
  • Reliable Follow Through. We follow through on our commitments, respecting your time, money and property.
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Experienced Roofing Services For Every Home & Budget.

If your home or business is ready for a roof replacement or new construction project, Pitch Perfect Roofing has you covered. Our experienced team installs metal roofing, asphalt shingles, slate & shakes, copper roofing and more for commercial and residential clients throughout Central Virginia.

New construction home with new metal roof and cedar shake and vertical siding installed by Pitch Perfect Roofing

How Do You Know It's Time For A Roof?

Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade your roofing system.

  • Your Shingles Are Damaged. Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against weather conditions. If your shingles are noticeably cracked, warped or faded, there could be damage to the layers underneath. The sooner you replace them, the less extensive the damage will be.
  • Leaks Keep Happening. Small leaks call for repair work, but consistent leaks are a sign that you should start from scratch. When more than 30% of your roof is damaged, a roof replacement is usually cheaper than trying to repair individual problem areas.
  • Your Home Is Ready For A Makeover. Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or simply trying to improve its curb appeal, a new roof can completely transform its appearance. We’ll help you select shingles that look amazing with your chosen design.
  • Your Energy Bills Are Through The Roof. Roofing includes multiple layers of insulation that help keep conditioned air inside your home. If your heating bills keep rising with no explanation, a newly insulated roof might be the solution your home is looking for.

Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractors in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

A home or business is only as good as the roof that keeps it safe and dry. If you’re not sure whether you need a new roof, call us for a roofing estimate. We’ll inspect your current roof or help you find the most cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

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Pitch perfect roofing boasts one of the finest roofing teams in Virginia. Whether you’re looking to get a Free inspection or a new roof, weather-resistant coating or an exterior face lift, we have the perfect roof in stock. Call us or book an inspection to learn more about our services.