Copper Roofs

Copper is one of the most efficient and effective choices for metal roofing

Warm and Elegant Copper Roofs

Copper is one of the most efficient and effective choices for metal roofing. With amazing properties and great curb appeal, a copper roof is a great way to distinguish your home. Contact us to discuss copper options for your roof design.

The Latest Roofing Trend

Copper shingles have been in use for nearly all of human history, but this ancient material has seen renewed popularity thanks to its durable and flexible nature. Copper roofs and copper roofing accents are included in a surprising number of upscale home designs.

Copper is more expensive than other metal roofing options, but it’s well worth the price. A lightweight and durable copper roof can last for upwards of 60 years, especially with regular maintenance.

Why Copper Roofs Are So Popular:

With great properties and an amazing appearance, it’s no wonder that copper is one of the most sought-after roofing materials. Homeowners love the following features:

  • Long-lasting: A well-maintained copper roof can last for decades, and maintenance isn’t a difficult task. Keep your roof coated with a weather-resistant sealant to protect the bright color of your copper shingles.
  • Fire-safe: Like other metal roofing materials,copper is known for being durable and fire-resistant. If the roof is properly grounded, a copper roof can even help protect your home from lightning strikes.
  • Energy-efficient: All metal roofs help keep your home cool by reflecting sunlight. A copper roof will decrease your energy bill and help regulate the temperature of your home in the summer.
  • Low impact: Copper is one of the most lightweight roofing materials available. A copper roof will put less stress on the structure of your home. If you have to contend with heavy snowfall, this weight difference could save you from significant repair costs.
  • Visually appealing: The way that sunlight reflects off copper is a truly stunning sight. Enhance your home’s appearance with this clever and attractive roofing option.

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